We are a husband and wife team who work with people in their transformation and awakening. We balance understanding with directness, so you discover your power and make your life and the world, much richer.

We started this healing initiative in 2016 by just meeting people and sharing what we could, particularly with energy sensitives.

Nancy chose ShamanMan as a name for our healing project because of the spiritual connotations: healer, teacher, counselor, medicine man, mystic and energy worker… and it is in alignment with my personal practice… but I am NOT a Shaman in the traditional sense. I AM a seer of sorts.

nancyNancy is an intuitive and since childhood, has used her gifts to live a life of self-reliance, alternative healing and compassion.

I help others to listen to their inner voice, and channel their energy into action that manifests positive outcomes. I co-created and manage ShamanMan so we have a formal way to help others seeking answers, understanding and energy work.

Once David knew he had gifts, it was so difficult for him to find support, teachers and guidance… and so ShamanMan and the outreach we do, is our attempt to help anyone (and particularly energy sensitives) who have been activated, are awakening and/or awakened. I collaborate with David in sessions and Group Meetings.

David is an empath, intuitive, healer, teacher… he uses his gifts, experience and training to help you understand the challenges you’re facing, so you gain clarity.

davidI knew as a kid that I was different. I could feel how people really felt deep inside, and as I made it through high school and college, being around groups of people and ancillary friends became harder and harder.

I had been self-employed my entire adult life. I think it was a natural response so I could earn a living while surviving the daily onslaught, by directing my day. My “gifts” were more like curses and it was getting harder and harder to pick myself up and function.

In 2010, something happened to me… I had a vision. It was so powerful and impacted me so strongly, that I couldn’t stop thinking about what it could mean. As a result, we stopped everything we were doing, and after spending the next year closing or selling off everything we had, we were called to the mountains of Asheville and we started over.

dp-tattoo3Upon landing, I immediately began to research what the vision had meant and started a long course of personal study and engaging with a lot of different teachers. In the process of discovery and growth, I found out that there were names to define what I “could do” and texts that described what I’d been “knowing” for years… and the world opened up. I mean, what I had previously perceived as important and real, suddenly wasn’t so much.

Today, we teach and live in Northern New Mexico.

I help you to open up, I share and provide guidance and support, so you have an understanding and receive healing.

As I share what I am called to do, healing takes different forms for each person.

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