Relationships, Trust and Intimacy

Intimacy can be challenging for anyone, but it is especially difficult for empaths and energy sensitives and their partners. These sessions are for an individual or as a couple, with both David and Nancy.

If you’re the energy sensitive in the relationship, we work with you to help you recognize patterns and behaviors, ways you are communicating, and triggers and repetition. We share techniques for you to regain control, recover more quickly, and ultimately, have a solid, harmonious relationship.

If you’re the partner of an energy sensitive, we’ll help you to better understand the challenges your partner may face with relationships, intimacy and trust – and will share techniques to help improve communication and sensitivity to each other’s needs.

When both of you are working together with compassion and understanding, you will begin to see a noticeable difference in the quality of your relationship.

Enjoying your relationship is a much better goal than staying together. We’ve been together for nearly 24 years and still share big dreams together. We can help you as a couple to develop an even deeper relationship with open communication and new ways to support each other.

Sessions are for individuals and couples with the goal to help you see what is, and experience, a healthy and loving relationship.

1 Hour Relationships Session with David and Nancy
In-Person, and via Phone, and Zoom.

Schedule Your Session

A session is held In-person, or via Phone, or video conferenced via Zoom. For Zoom appointments, we’ll send you a link prior to your session. If you need assistance in setting up your appointment, please call 575.425.0577 or email us.

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