Spirit Teachings – Sedona Meetup

Join a community of energy sensitives and spiritual seekers.

Spirit Teachings is what happens when you open yourself to hear the message waiting for you.

An immersive group experience where David performs readings and he with Nancy, share techniques so you develop the skill to make choices consciously and take an active role in your growth, development and spiritual understanding.

The information presented in the Meetup can help you define your direction, clarify core principles, and outline steps so you can manifest a life where you thrive, and follow your spiritual path.

What happens in our Meetup:

Please join us for some spiritual and emotional healing. It’s approximately 2 hours and only a $10 donation to attend.
We come together every other Tuesday from 6-8pm.

Spirit Teachings - Sedona Meetup

Meeting Start and Creating Space

We’ll come together for some silent introspection, and then a small breathing exercise to clear and open space.

Spirit Teachings - Sedona Meetup

Readings for Participants and Group Discussion

For those interested, you’ll receive a reading.  You’ll write down your question on the cards provided and David will pick a card and provide a reading.

Everyone’s issues hold wisdom and insight for others to learn from. If time doesn’t allow for all readings, we’ll make them up at the next Meetup.

Spirit Teachings - Sedona Meetup

Conclusions and Mantra

There is definitely an energy to each Meetup and at conclusion of the readings, a group theme emerges. It’s amazing and emotionally healing.

We end with our ‘Me-We’ mantra and an exercise to rejuvenate our energy.

Love & Relationships

We’ll help you discover love for yourself, so you can live love with others and develop meaningful, lasting relationships.

Your Money & Career

We’ll help you identify your key life principles and your felt purpose, and how to create an income that allows you to live in harmony with your soul.  For career challenges, new endeavors, starting your own business and working from home too.

Spiritual Development & Healing

We’ll help you to open up, to discover and remove those things that are holding you back, and then provide guidance and support as you step into the real you.

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Spirit Teachings is what happens when you open yourself to hear the message waiting for you.
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